About Faculty of Systems Engineering
The autonomy of national defense science and technology is an indispensable factor for the survival of a sovereign and independent country, and it is also a critical driving force for the country’s industrial and economic development. Over the past half century, my country has made achievements in the research and development and manufacturing of national defense technology and systems. It is attributed to the long-term cultivation of advanced scientific and technological talents by NDU CCIT ( formerly known as Chung Cheng Institute of Technology).

In order to further enhance the cultivation of talents for national defense scientific research and strengthen the country’s national defense independence, the NYCU and the NDU ( Institute of Technology ) jointly proposed an education cooperation plan. After the approval of the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education, the 108 academic year was formally established “Systems Engineering and Bachelor of Science and Technology Program.” In order to effectively supervise and plan the teaching administration and future development of this course of study, this Education Institute was specially established to coordinate the affairs of this course of study. It is expected that through the cooperation of the two universities, the quality of defense technology and system teaching can be improved, together to cultivate outstanding military and civilian defense scientific research personnel, and to boost the research height and energy of the two universities in defense technology.
About Undergraduate Degree Program of Systems Engineering and Technology

This course of study was approved by the Ministry of National Defense and the Ministry of Education, and enrollment was officially established in the 108th academic year, recruiting students who are interested in research and development, the maintenance and application of national defense technology. After enrollment, the NDU CCIT will provide a complete military education and work with NYCU to plan professional knowledge to train high-quality officers and cadres. After graduation, the graduates also obtained a a bachelor’s degree from the NYCU (applicable for 108th academic year), a bachelor’s degree from the NDU (applicable for 110th academic year) and military certificate (applicable for 108th academic year).


There are 6 professional academic groups under this program, namely: Electrical and Electronic Engineering Group, Information Engineering Group, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Group, Power and System Engineering Group, Environmental Information and Engineering Group, Chemical and Material Engineering Group. Their teachers and the teaching equipment are divided into the Department of Electrical Engineering, Information Institute, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering, Department of Materials, Department of Applied Chemistry. The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Information Engineering, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Department of Power and System Engineering, Department of Environmental Information and Engineering, Department of Chemistry and Materials Engineering of NDU CCIT, together support.


The professional subject education of this program is planned and taught by the teachers of the school. The basic training of the subject is strong, and the students will be benefited from the school’s rich teaching and research resources and strong alumni network, the students of this program will have the advantages of professional competition in the future. The part of military training education is handled in accordance with the Ministry of National Defense’s “Military Schools and Military Training Institutions’ Student Training Regulations.” Students are concentrated in accommodation and management at the NDU CCIT. Graduates will have excellent leadership and control capabilities.